Saturday, April 8, 2017

What Is Day Trading?

The Day Trading is a system of speculative investment, which has much in common with other model based on investment that investors make buying and selling financial instruments (such as currencies, stocks, commodities, index, ...) are expecting profits to rise or fall of the prices by predicting what their future behaviour. The difference with other systems is that the investment in the case of day trading, investors are opening and closing operation within the same trading day. Therefore the way to invest short-term or very short because traders do not usually leave the position open overnight. There is a lot of Day Traders who maintain their open position even for a few minutes or seconds (this technique is called scalping).

In Day Trading, investors typically operate in real time in the financial markets are looking for opportunities to buy and sell that suit your investment strategy automated system. Once you find the specific tools that fit the opening position and closing the entrance once benefits even with a small profit. Repeat this operation with few investment instruments as often as possible but the general pattern is that it doesn't usually stay open beyond the same day.

Some of the reasons why many investors prefer the Day Trading and investment strategy are as follows:

- Day Traders prefer to close their positions before the market closed to avoid possible losses the difference between the price at the close of session in connection with the opening of the next day.

- opt for Day Trading as an insular strategies that unlock various positions and target daily profit rather than long-term investment where the benefits obtained during may disappear or greatly reduced in future fluctuations that go against them.

- With day trading avoids the raw night bear that apply most online brokers to maintain open positions.

How Day Trading?

As usual for the Trading Day is to invest in CFD (what is CFD?). CFD is a very agile investment method does not have a physical property of a financial instrument in which it invests and to allow an open position to buy or sell immediately. Thanks to the leverage you can invest small amounts of money as a guarantee and get the effect from the surgery the amount is much higher. This way you can get back quick and get into a positive advantage in a few more minutes, it also incorporates a greater risk that is sometimes enhanced by investing in highly volatile instruments to try to get a quick profit.

The Day Trading was, until recently, one is provided to financial institutions and professional speculators strategy. Today, thanks to advances in technology and the proliferation of online brokers, forex trading online each retail investors can learn and perform the Day Trading with its own internet connection and of your own computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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  1. Day trading is one of the popular strategies used by most of the traders in the market. In this strategy, traders buy and sell a stock on the same day, they do not stay in a position overnight. The main reason behind this is to take advantage of daily ups and downs in share prices.
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