Sunday, July 23, 2017

Which is profitable, flying hours or Theory?

Flying hours Or Theory is not a difficult choice in the world of forex trading. Forex trading is buying and selling of foreign currencies in the exchange rate of the Euro. In forex trading, you need to understand between the hours of flying and theory. Both will be mutually sustaining each other. If you're missing one, then it will be able to destabilize the other. Then what is to be learned first?

Learn first the existing theories on Forex Trading

As a forex trader or trading, you must understand in advance any theory. Where is between flying hours or theories that make success? You need to learn basic theory in analyzing forex. There are two theories of analysis that needs to be studied. The theory of fundamental analysis and technical analysis theories. By mastering forex analysis theory, then you can take into account the condition when the country experienced the economic crisis conditions. Because such conditions will affect the besar-kecilnya currency in forex trading.

Mastering the theory Help Traders in flying hours

The more the theory you learn forex trading, it will be the better. The more often you study those theories in repeatable, it will be increasingly mastered when belajar trading forex. The science you have through mastery of the theory of trading forex trader can help in reading the situation on the ground. That is, you can make the right choice for any action in forex trading. So in order to make Your forex trading theory Ahold doesn't backfire, therefore flying hours is required.

Flying hours required to familiarize the Traders in Forex Trading

For traders, the more flying hours, the better. As long as you balance theory with forex trading. Because theory will help when you look mempraktikkannya. That is, with trading on forex. Your theory that Ahold will help traders right in reading the situation.

Flying hours will help study the theory of a new Forex Trading

Need to understand again, not all the theory you can learn forex trading in one time. You need a process to be able to study each theory in forex trading. Even the new theory through practice you can get instantly when you trade forex. For example, you do the discussions with other traders. Or, when you fight other traders and found the steps yet you normally see. From there, you can find out what is a theory by a trader or traders You opponent. So good flying hours as well as theory in forex trading will influence each other.

Learning theories related to forex trading is not difficult. You can learn them are self-taught or have discussions with traders. Then apply it to multiply flying hours as an experience. So, the question of flying hours or theories that affect the Profit of course answer is a mastery of both will benefit you.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Advantages of Using Forex Robot For Traders

Perhaps, you often see a trader using a forex robot, or are you using it right now? An easy way to play trading without having to constantly monitor the market conditions is to use a robot. Many of the best forex robots that can be chosen by traders, of course this way makes trading easier. Forex with this robot is to play trading automatically where you do not have to be in front of the monitor screen. Forex robot is designed with a certain algorithm, this algorithm is useful for aalisa price movement. If there is a suitable condition then the robot will automatically open the transaction.

There is a lot of controversy among traders about robot forex, some use it but some also never use it. The robot that was created to help this easier trading game fully work with technology and filter from various indicators in order to make an analysis of price movements. When compared when you trade forex manually, you have to think when there is a price movement, of course this robot is much faster in making decisions. The calculations performed by rofex robots are much faster than the human mind.
Unfortunately, for beginner traders either forex trading or gold stocks, they must be observant when choosing or buying the forex robot. As much as you can choose a vendor that offers robots for quality automated trading.

Some advantages of using forex robot among them.

1. Automated Trading

Will you spend hours in front of the monitor screen to monitor price movements? Surely if there is an easy and practical way, you will choose that way. By using a forex robot then you no longer need to monitor the price movement in front of the monitor for hours. Let the robot do your work.

2. You can trade longer

The ability of trading robots in monitoring the movement of forex prices can be done 24 hours a day in 5 days during the week. In that time you can play forex longer but you can sleep, eat, walk and other activities.

3. Suitable for beginner traders

Playing trading for beginners does require patience, especially if you have to learn how to be a professional trader. By using forex robots, you can play trading as well as professional traders. This robot helps traders who do not have the skills or knowledge about forex when they are in forex trading.

4. Reduce the psychological effects

Playing trading sometimes causes emotion and can result in psychological effects. If you invest a large number of forex stocks and experience psychological effects, you certainly can easily lose. Forex robot helps you reduce the psychological effect without making you emotion. This robot is very disciplined so it can help traders earn profits.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

What Is Day Trading?

The Day Trading is a system of speculative investment, which has much in common with other model based on investment that investors make buying and selling financial instruments (such as currencies, stocks, commodities, index, ...) are expecting profits to rise or fall of the prices by predicting what their future behaviour. The difference with other systems is that the investment in the case of day trading, investors are opening and closing operation within the same trading day. Therefore the way to invest short-term or very short because traders do not usually leave the position open overnight. There is a lot of Day Traders who maintain their open position even for a few minutes or seconds (this technique is called scalping).

In Day Trading, investors typically operate in real time in the financial markets are looking for opportunities to buy and sell that suit your investment strategy automated system. Once you find the specific tools that fit the opening position and closing the entrance once benefits even with a small profit. Repeat this operation with few investment instruments as often as possible but the general pattern is that it doesn't usually stay open beyond the same day.

Some of the reasons why many investors prefer the Day Trading and investment strategy are as follows:

- Day Traders prefer to close their positions before the market closed to avoid possible losses the difference between the price at the close of session in connection with the opening of the next day.

- opt for Day Trading as an insular strategies that unlock various positions and target daily profit rather than long-term investment where the benefits obtained during may disappear or greatly reduced in future fluctuations that go against them.

- With day trading avoids the raw night bear that apply most online brokers to maintain open positions.

How Day Trading?

As usual for the Trading Day is to invest in CFD (what is CFD?). CFD is a very agile investment method does not have a physical property of a financial instrument in which it invests and to allow an open position to buy or sell immediately. Thanks to the leverage you can invest small amounts of money as a guarantee and get the effect from the surgery the amount is much higher. This way you can get back quick and get into a positive advantage in a few more minutes, it also incorporates a greater risk that is sometimes enhanced by investing in highly volatile instruments to try to get a quick profit.

The Day Trading was, until recently, one is provided to financial institutions and professional speculators strategy. Today, thanks to advances in technology and the proliferation of online brokers, forex trading online each retail investors can learn and perform the Day Trading with its own internet connection and of your own computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Automatic Trading with MetaTrader

Metatrader is a trading platform of MetaQuotes. It is the most used trading platform in the world, especially the version Metatrader 4. There are many reasons why Metatrader is the most used since it is very powerful and intuitive, includes a lot of information useful to the trader as graphs of all types , Indicators of technical analysis, Probably the main reason for the success of this platform is the ability to execute automatic trading without human intervention. We can also backtest historical data of our scripts so that we can optimize and debug them.

To use Metatrader's automatic systems, Expert Advisors (EAS) are used, which are small computer programs (scripts) in which the set of trading rules are defined. These files are written in a language of Metatrader which is the MQL4 (for Metatrader 4) which is a C-based language, so to program an Expert Advisor (EA) in principle we need to have some basic knowledge of programming in C and Then adapt to the peculiarities of the MQL4.

Expert Advisor (EA) created by us or other traders consists of two files: One is the file with extension MQ4 which is the source code and another file with EX4 extension which is the executable program. At least this is because if the Expert Advisor uses an older indicator (which is quite common) it will take another two files (MQ4 and EX4) corresponding to the indicator. The MQL4 language is also used to program different functions for Metatrader in addition to Expert Advisors.

To install our EA we must, on the one hand, copy the two files (MQ4 and EX4) to the Metatrader installation folder (for example C: \ MQM \ MQL4 \ Experts folder and the other indicators files (MQ4 and EX4) Note that if the EA contains any more script, we must copy it to C: \ Metastrader \ MQL4 \ Scripts folder.

In what case we restart Metatrader we will be able to see our EA in the panel Navigator (explorer). If it is gray it is because only the executable file is loaded and we can not modify the code just execute it. If it is in color we can modify the source code and execute it.

To execute it we must only drag it on the graph and in the corner will appear a smiling face if our broker accepts Expert Advisors or a sad face if it does not accept it. Once accepted our EA we can configure the input parameters that are typically Stop Loss, Take Profit or Trailing Stop to adapt to our needs.

To run an EA we need our Broker online terbaik to use the Metatrader Platform and support Expert Advisors so if we do not have it we must open an account with one that supports it.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fixed or Variable Spreads?

What is the difference between fixed spreads or variable spreads?

In the case of fixed spreads, the difference between the purchase price and the selling price is expressed in a certain fixed number of pips that will depend on the instrument you are investing in. In the case of variable spreads, this spread will vary dynamically according to the moment in which you are executing the operation (current liquidity) and also depending on the investment instrument.

The advantage of fixed spreads is that they will let you know in advance the exact price of buying and selling. Fixed spreads can be a good option to carry out certain trading strategies and especially in times of less liquidity, such as at night for example. The biggest drawback of fixed spreads is that most of the time, variable spreads are usually quite cheaper.

Which brokers offer fixed spreads or variable spreads?

The brokers that offer fixed spreads are usually of the Market Maker type since the operations are not executed in the market but in its table of operations (Dealing Desk) therefore they can offer some spreads determined in advance to its clients. The biggest drawback of the Market Makers brokers is that they can lead to conflicts of interest with their customers because the broker is generally acting as a counterpart of the operations.

Therefore, in the case that you are looking for a broker with fixed spreads, it is important to be a serious, professional broker forex terbaik di dunia with a transparent order execution policy. Many traders want to operate with fixed spreads to avoid surprises in times of high volatility or in the face of economic news that can significantly alter the buying and selling prices in the market. You should note that many Market Makers brokers that offer fixed spreads have clauses within their trading conditions that indicate that these spreads will remain "under normal market conditions" but may be expanded at specific times to coincide with large-scale economic news relevance.

Variable spreads are usually offered by STP / ECN (Electronic Communication Network) brokers that create a network in which they interconnect with the largest providers of interbank liquidity in the world and manage to dynamically offer the best available spread at any given moment to his clients. ECN brokers do not have a trading desk (Non Dealing desk) and transmit their clients' trading operations to the market so that there is no conflict of interest, usually lower spreads and any trading strategy is welcome without restrictions (expert advisors , Scalping, hedging). Some ECN brokers also choose to offer very low market spreads and apply a transaction volume commission as a way to receive their fees instead of slightly increasing the spread of each transaction individually.

There is also the figure of brokers with different types of trading accounts, some in which they act as Market Maker and offer fixed spreads and others in which they act as ECN and offer variable spreads.


In short, fixed spreads may be more suitable for beginners, by knowing in advance the purchase and sale price available, or to carry out certain strategies that require it, to operate in moments of less liquidity, Variable spreads are usually more Low prices that fix them most of the time and are generally the best option for daytrading, for automatic trading systems with expert advisors, professional traders or for strategies like scalping, hedging.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Trade of foreign exchange is not the monopoly of the nerds and the geek

The general perception is that each and every person who is involved in the business of trading currency or currency is a person who has an IQ very high. To listen words and phrases as coefficient of liquidity, the central bank intervention and inflationary demand that makes us feel as if we were back in the avoidable and boring conference inherently in the economy that we were forced to attend our University.

However, all these preconceived notions of distance, trading currency or currency is not the domain of the only super smart.

There is no doubt that you need the brain to engage in currency trading. Then, I bet that not a single sphere of human activity which does not require the application of the own mind can be named. A little bit of intelligence and much research can help you to take a good sum in Forex trading.

Until recently, the purchase and sale of foreign exchange market was not open to individual investors. To participate in the process of buying and selling of foreign exchange, you had to be a large bank with a lot of deposits and assets under his belt or have to be a large financial institution which carried out the bisnis trading forex tanpa modal as their primary activity. Today don't need much capital to make money in the Forex market. A few thousand dollars as initial capital is enough to start.

The advantages of currency trading are numerous. The biggest advantage is that the Forex market is a market which is open all day. Without another financial market remains open and running 24 hours a day. This round the results operation of the clock in constant and immediate reflection of economic, political and social events. A smart investor can take advantage of the fluctuation of making big profits.

In addition, the Forex market works without no centralized Exchange. There is a direct interaction between the people involved in the Forex trading through the telephone or the electronic network.

However, just because it is easy to enter the currency market it doesn't say that it is easy to make a profit in the Forex market. It is very important to have knowledge of the Forex market. You will need to understand and establish his dominion over the basics. You have to understand the meaning of the technical indicators of the functioning of the currency market. Try to get a complete knowledge of the Forex market without having to enter in the field is like trying to learn to swim without going into the water.

Arriving at a wise combination of knowledge, instincts and risk, lot of money you can win in the foreign exchange market, or Forex market, since it is known as, with a very small initial investment.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How do you make money in the Forex currency market?

Forex is the world market for currency trading. It is open 24 hours a day and offers great liquidity, making it a good opportunity for participants, ranging from banks, large financial institutions and companies to small retail investors. Forex traders are aiming to make money by buying and selling these currencies that are traded in pairs, ie crosses against other currencies (EUR / USD, EUR / GBP, UDS / JPY, AUD / NZD, ... ).

Trading with currencies is not a new way to obtain profits that has emerged recently since currencies have been trading at the lake of history since the very appearance of money. What is more recent is the facility to be able to trade in Forex from anywhere in the world via the Internet from a computer, tablet or mobile phone and accessibility for retail investors. Nowadays, many people are making money doing Forex trading from home, either as full-time professional traders or simply dedicating a few minutes a day to locate trading opportunities and opening, monitoring and closing their positions.

A number of online brokers have also emerged that allow traders to buy and sell different currency pairs (and other instruments such as stocks, indexes, precious metals, raw materials, energy, etc.) through their trading platforms in return Of the payment of a small fee, called spread, which is based on a spread applied between the purchase price and the selling price of each currency pair.

The first thing you need to do Forex trading is to find a reliable broker forex teregulasi (see article: How to choose the right online broker?) And open a trading account (See article: What do I need to open an account in an online broker?) .

Most online brokers usually offer a demo account that comes loaded with a fictitious balance so you can do tests, with the same conditions of a real account, but without putting your money at risk. You can take advantage of this demo account to learn and develop your own trading system and as soon as you are ready you can open your real account and deposit funds to start buying and selling different currency pairs. The money you earn will be added to your account balance and you can withdraw it when you feel it is appropriate.

What currencies can I trade?

As we discussed earlier, the trader is responsible for buying or selling currency pairs. There are many pairs of currencies, which according to their volume of trading are often called major, minor and exotic. Some examples of major or major currency pairs are GBP / USD, EUR / USD (Euro vs US Dollar), USD / JPY (US Dollar vs Japanese Yen) or USD / CHF ( US Dollar vs. Swiss Franc). Larger currency pairs have a higher volume of trading and the spreads offered by brokers tend to be much tighter than those of smaller or exotic pairs which in turn tend to have greater volatility.

In each of the currency pairs, the first currency works as the commodity to buy or sell and the second currency works as money. For example if you choose the GBP / USD pair and open a buying position, you would be buying Pounds Sterling against the US Dollar. It does not matter what is the currency with which you have deposited funds in your trading account since the platform is responsible for automatically transforming the amounts.

How do you make money on the Forex market?

In Forex you can make money with the price fluctuations of the different currency pairs and you can do it both if the price goes up or down and you can choose 2 different options when opening a position:

Go long: open a purchase position if you believe the price will rise and then close the position with a sales order.

Go short: open a sales position if you think the price will go down to later close the position with a purchase order.

Buying cheap and selling expensive or selling expensive and buying cheap is the goal of the millions of participants in the Forex market. But, the million dollar question is:

How do I know when it is the best time to buy or sell?

There are two methods to try to predict the optimal time to buy and sell in Forex: Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis.

- Technical analysis:

It tries to predict the direction of the price by analyzing its evolution and using graphs with the different values it has been taking, looking for formations, signals of continuation or change of trends and being able to use a series of indicators based on mathematical formulas, statistics, ...

Technical analysis may seem a bit complicated at first but it really is a lot easier than you think.

If you want to earn money doing trading you must learn technical analysis properly. If you are a serious and disciplined person you can learn in a few months.

On the Internet there is a lot of free documentation to learn technical analysis and the most important is the practice. You can find some useful payment course but most will make you lose your money without having learned practically nothing. You can also visit our website from time to time or subscribe to our newsletter to receive our articles on trading automatically and you will not miss any. We try to offer you useful and explained articles in the easiest way possible to help you learn, avoid unnecessary mistakes and defend yourself in this exciting world of trading.

- Fundamental Analysis:

It also tries to predict direction and future price movements by analyzing the economic and political situation that may affect each of the currency pairs.

Fundamental analysis is often used by Forex traders generally for the long term but can also be employed by traders who want to take advantage of high volatility moments to earn money. These times of volatility usually occur after the emergence of important economic news and represent a good opportunity for profit in a short period of time.

For example, important news about the situation of a country like the United States can cause significant changes in the prices of currency pairs with the presence of USD. A good economic data of unemployment, an increase of exports, the announcement of a measure of economic stimulus of the federal reserve, can cause the USD to become stronger and therefore that the investors are launched to buy it increasing its value forward To other currencies as can be the opposite situation against a bad data.

Having an economic calendar on hand is a good option to be aware of this news, focusing especially on the most important as there are many throughout the day that will hardly have an impact on prices.

Professional or experienced traders can spot Forex trading opportunities using technical analysis and fundamental analysis although most use technical analysis. It is important that you learn to trade forex perform the technical analysis correctly and that you are taking practice and experience from the first moment. Over time, technical analysis will be your biggest ally to spot trading opportunities and make money on Forex.